Brittney Griner. WNBA x Skate.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

 images via espn

She may have not have won the ESPY for "best female athlete" tonight, although she did win for "best female college athlete", but I think Brittney Griner is the top pick in any category.

She's 6'8, can dunk like nobody's business, was the #1 overall pick in the 2013 WNBA draft, she's been skateboarding since she was a kid, she got tongue tied meeting Tony Hawk for the first time and had a skate session recently with Erik Kosten in Los Angeles.

Her team, the Phoenix Mercury even wrote it into her contract that she can continue to skate (albeit in a controlled environment - no bombing hills), which in major league sports is a huge deal.

She also has it written into her Nike contract that she can choose to wear the men's line of apparel, which she says she feels more comfortable in.  The girl has clout and can definitely stick to her guns on who she wants to be and not let sponsors push her into something she is not comfortable with. The girl is badass. Gotta love that...

Of course with that type of popularity come the ridiculous haters - so what does Brittney have to say to those who choose to cyber bully her?  " Reading what people say makes me want to be myself even more"

Words to live by. 

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