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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

  Make-up line Bobbi Brown x The Cools Skate Lesson  /   Via Harpers Bazaar

Bobbi Brown came out with a new make-up book that talks about inspiring confidence and being "who you are". This PR event unfortunately misses that mark and sends a mixed message in my opinion....

This is the kind of thing I find good yet bad. Good because I'd love to see very girl out there learning to skate. Bad because there are so many pro skater girls they could have chosen to teach the fashion blogger girls "how to skate".  No offense to pro skater Eli Reed, but really??

I thought Bobbi Brown Cosmetics was more about female empowerment than this...


  1. Good comment, Cindy. So close, yet so far away... (it's Betsy, by the way...)


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