"The Smell Of Us". A Larry Clark Film About Skaters.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

                                 images via Thomas Kimmerlin/ Mighty Productions

 If you haven't seen a movie by well known semi-undergound film maker Larry Clark, it should definitely be on your "to do" list. But fair warning, they are intense, gritty and not PG. His films that are based on skaters include "Kids", "Ken Park", &"Wassup Rockers". My favorite is "Wassup Rockers", which is all about a bunch of skaters who live & skate in South Central Los Angeles. Having met all the guys in that film & hung out briefly where they live, I know the story is pretty damn true to who they are and the lifestyle they have. Larry's movies seem to be part documentary, part fiction, but the lines are blurred so well you can't decipher what is real and what is "created", and that makes for some pretty riveting story telling.

That brings me to his new film, which is also about skaters, "The Smell of Us'.  Filmed in Paris, this one is about a bunch of  self destructive teens who happen to skateboard. Notice I did not say "self destructive skateboarders".  In my mind there is a huge difference in the wording. I'm interested in  seeing the film and where he is going with this...

Thomas Kimmerlin has released a web documentary about the film. The first episode aired yesterday and one will air each week through August. The only issue is it's all in French, so while it's visually beautiful, I have no idea what the actors are saying about the movie...

If you want to check it out anyway, or care to translate for the rest of us, it can be viewed HERE

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