Why Female Athletes Liike You CAN change the World.

Friday, August 30, 2013

If you are a female skater you have most likely caught Amelia Brodka's awesome documentary  UNDEREXPOSED which shed a light about women in skateboarding, their lack of exposure & sponsorships, and what they could do to change that.

Now it's time to watch BRANDED a new documentary playing now on ESPN presented by espnW's Nine for IV films.  (see short clip above)

Hear what US Olympic & Pro athletes like US Women's team soccer player Brandi Chastain, tennis champion Chris Everett, Olympic gymnast Mary Lou Retton and more have to say about the disproportionate amount of money they make compared to men for playing the same sport, why they are told to not "make waves", how the endorsement deals that help them make the bulk of their living come with beauty not ranking, and what track & field star Lolo Jones decided to do via Twitter to help change her financial situation.

I personally love that they talked about a women we all owe a lot to in sports - female pro tennis player Billie Jean King. She took a stance, put her ass on the line for us women and claimed a victory fair & square in a very public & televised match against pro tennis player Bobby Riggs to show the world that the women were just as good (or better in this case), as the men in tennis and therefore deserved the same amount of dollars.

There are so many women in various sports that came before us that we owe a lot to. The next time you see one of them, say "thanks" and remember that you girls out there today are helping shape and pave the way in women's sports for the next generation.  Thank YOU.

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