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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

 via Longboard Girls Crew  / Photos Gador Salis

I keep getting these rad updates and photos from the Longboard Girls Crew in my inbox and I am so envious! In case you haven't heard, the girls are in Israel skating their asses off while filming another video for all of us to be inspired by. 

If you want to be in on the behind the scenes "sneak peeks" they are doing,  jump over to their website and give a little donation - any amount is greatly appreciated and I promise you'll love the email updates they send out. And be insanely envious like I am!

Let's all lend some support to these girls so they can keep on inspiring all of us!  xx


  1. This is so inspiring!
    Longboard always live on in my heart, it's what got me into this game!

  2. I found this post very exciting. I think you will have any other post
    on this topic? I am also sending it to my friend to enjoy your working
    style. Cheers!

  3. This is active girl with good longboarding skills

  4. Female riders are creating a new way to make Fun with adventurous Longboarding. They are really great and making change to the old consent. I wish they become more succeed.

  5. Level up guys! This chicks can kick our asses) I like them!

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