The Moral Is "Don't Steal".

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

 images via MTV Style  

original artwork by Jim & Jimbo Phllips  / fashion reproductions Jeremy Scott

The artwork done by Jim & Jimbo Phillips for NHS Inc / Santa Cruz Skateboards is iconic in skateboard circles. So much so that when fashion designer Jeremy Scott started showing apparel & accessories on the runway at NY Fashion week with what seemed to be some of that exact artwork, skaters went into full force using social media to bring the faux pas (or rip off) to the attention of NHS Inc.

Today Jeremy Scott has backed down and agreed to destroy the items bearing the likeness of the iconic artwork and issued a public statement admitting the "similarities".

This is a great lesson for all of us to learn - artwork is protected by the copyright law. In simple terms, that means if you draw something or take a photo it belongs to YOU.  If it is published, sold, or copied without your permission that person has violated the copyright and can be held accountable.  Yes, even if the person who created the art or photograph is deceased.

The moral is - do your own thing and don't steal!

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