Who's Rad. Spencer Breaux.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

 Photos: Nikki Breaux, Dick Knapp, Joanne Barratt, Nate McDonald

I first saw Spencer skate via photos on Facebook. Instantly I became a fan. She may be slight in build but she packs some height into every trick and I love that she can easily go from skating vert to street with out any hesitation at all. Can't wait to see where she goes from here!

Who's Rad:  Spencer Breaux

Age:    10

Home:   Denver, Colorado

How Long Have You Been Skating?   4 years

Favorite place you've ever skated?     Memorial Skatepark in Colorado Springs!

Favorite Trick:   Caballerial

Sponsors:  Public Eye Skateshop, Termite Skateboards, Triple 8 NYC, Indigrip, Woodward at Copper, Helmets in Hands, GRO

Three Things You Don't Know About Me:

1.  I got to a school for the highly gifted

2.  I want to finish high school by age 16

3. I do stand up comedy and have a "princess from Brooklyn" character that is KILLER!!!

Make sure you follow Spencer on instagram  @smoothierox  and on Facebook  

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