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Monday, October 14, 2013

"Make Your Own Cool" Skateboard Photos: Ian Logan

This is by far my favorite event that I get to be involved in each year, designing a one of a kind skateboard for the Board Rescue Fundraiser. 

This year I decided to do a chalkboard skateboard  titled "Make Your Own Cool".  All the art was done by me with cahlk on a painted chalkboard surface and then sealed so it won't rub off. The chalk itself is nestled in an empty bullet casing and secured to a chain I pieced together using various sizes & types of chain links in gold & silver, and of course there is a little gold skull dangling from the chain. Top of deck has my signature and "Board Rescue 2013".

In case you're not familiar with this rad event, Board Rescue (a non-profit 501c) invites a select group of pro skaters & artists to design a skateboard which is then auctioned off to raise money to help get kids in underprivileged areas skateboards and gear.

The boards will be showcased on November  2,  2013 at the Santa Cruz Boardroom and later auctioned off on ebay to the highest bidder. Click over to Board Rescue to get all the details on the party and auction.

This years featured artists include:

Jimbo Phillips, Colby Phillips, Duane Peters, Jason Adams, Steve Olson, Steve Caballero, Justin Forbes, Jason Jessee, Steve Alba, Lucas Musgrave, Keith Meek, Bryce Kanights, Cindy Whitehead, David Hackett, Danny Sun, Kori Thompson, Christian Cooper, Eli Roe, Erik Fieber, Chris Sprouls, Lizzie Armanto, Richard Sanchez, Laura Thornhill-Caswell, Joey Vela, Desiree Ronald Astorga, Adrian Pina, Stan Strocher, Jeremy Micheal Elder, Gary Holl, Candace Wright, Jonny Miller, Judi Oyama, Angela Stucky, Katie Steidl, Ben Dodd, Mark Widmann, Jacob Meggers, Jay Watson, Austin Poland, Nicole Lenz, Sonnet Wilder and more…

A huge thanks to my good friend of many years, and fellow pro skater girl, Judi Oyama for asking me year after year to be part of this amazing event!  xx

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