Pink Helmet Posse on GrindTV.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Photo: Jason Kenworthy  / info via GrindTV

Super excited to see GrindTV feature the rad girls from The Pink Helmet Posse. You may remember  Bella from the Who's Rad we did on her HERE.

Bella Kenworthy, Sierra Kerr and Relz Murphy are taking the skatepark's across Southern california by storm and people are taking notice - they may be young and small in stature, but they ride like the big boys and kick some serious ass.

In fact check out what Jamie Owens  from Transworld Skateboarding Magazine had to say in the article on GrindTV  “They’re incredible, I’ve seen a handful of talented teenage girls in the park, but never girls this young. They’re the real deal. I have daughters myself, and I was so pumped when I saw this footage I sent it to my wife, because our girls are just getting bit by the skate bug, and this will put them over the top.”

Well said.

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