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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

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Total Legend RESPECT today on Who's Rad. 

Her name is Judi and she is one of the original crew of girls that shredded parks, pools, and pipes back in the 1970's. I met Judi at a contest when I was 16 years old when we were competing against each other in the pro women's pool riding division, and we've been friends ever since. I have total respect that she's still out there kicking butt at the skatepark and racing slalom (she just got back from competing in the World Championships!) - so that's why she's this weeks Who's Rad. 

Watch your backs girls because Judi isn't going to stop shredding anytime soon. Happy Birthday Judi!!

Name: Judi Oyama 
Age: 54

Home is: Aptos, California

How Long Have You Been Skating? 40+ years 

Favorite place you've ever skated: Winchester Skate Park in San Jose California the pink pool was amazing 10’ 2 foot vert

Favorite Trick: Front side grinds

Sponsors: Sk8kings, Khiro Skateboard Products, Independent Trucks, Pleasure Tool Bearings, Abec 11 wheels (CC), shoes Emerica, socks Socksmith Design

Three Things You Don't Know About Me:

1. I'm currently #1 in the Women Masters World Rankings 2013 for slalom.

2. I'm the Vice President of Board Rescue a 501(c)(3) non-profit public benefit corporation. We provide skateboards and safety equipment to organizations that work with underprivileged and/or at-risk youth. The 4thAnnual Art Show is Nov 2th and will have boards on ebay a few days later. All proceeds go to Board Rescue.

3.  When I was a kid I  brought my horse in my house so I could show him my bedroom and had to back him out down the hall to get him out. I didn't tell my parents until a few decades later.

What's Next?

I just competed at the 2013 ISSA World Championships in Hockley, Texas Oct. 11-13. I competed against the top two European ladies Lienite Skaraine, (LAT), Natalya Dudina, (RUS) and the 9x women’s world Champion Lynn Kramer (USA). I placed 2nd in the Giant Slalom, which is not my favorite event. I prefer the Tight Slalom and Hybrid because it is head to head and it is more technical then just speed, which is fun but not my thing. They had a BAR (Bad Ass Ramp) that was 3 meters tall and tilted at a slight forward angle that made it feel over vert. I was scared ever time I went off but once you got the push at the bottom at the transition it was all about racing the clock and the fear left me. Saturday
placed 3rd by 1/5000 of a second due to rain we only got two qualifying timed runs late Saturday after being on the hill for 8 hours and got the third overall because Lienite and I were tied for second the tie breaker was the hybrid race.

Follow Judi here on her BLOG  she's also on Twitter @oldschooler & on instagram @judioyama  

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