Who's Rad. Katherine Folsom.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

 Photos: Lorrie Palmos, Michael Chantry, Morizen Foche, Roger Folsom

Katherine Folsom charges hard - every time I see photos of her she always looks like she is 100% going for it and never holding back. But on top of kicking ass wherever she skates, she is just flat out a cool girl. She genuinely loves this sport, the other girls in it, and strives to have fun while doing it. Totally my kind of girl.

Who's Rad:  Katherine Folsom

Age:    32

Home:   Folsom, California

How Long Have You Been Skating?   Well, I learned how to push around 12 years ago, then I quit, then I decided to skate again 3 years ago

Favorite place you've ever skated?    My backyard ramp, but it's gone now. I miss it! Besides that probably Washington Street in San Diego

Favorite Trick:   Frontside Bonelss One and Laybacks  (any kind, layback grind, rollout, Jay Smith style, all of them!)

Sponsors:  Embassy Skateboards, Surf & Skate Skateshop, and Chivaz Wear

Three Things You Don't Know About Me:

1.  My day job is teaching dance classes, mostly tap classes

2.  I have a pet tarantula

3.  My husband Roger is a skateboarder too. I started skating so I could hang out with him more.

Make sure you follow Katherine's sponsors:  Embassy Skateboards, Surf & Skate Skateshop, Chivaz Wear

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