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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Photo: Joanne Barratt
Photo: Joanne Barratt
Photo: Tommy Trinh
Photo: Tommy Trinh
Photo: Joanne Barratt

I have been watching Poppy for awhile now, &  finally had a chance to meet her at the Vans Girls Combi Classic event last year - she was so focused and charging hard - she blew me away. Now that I've hung out with her a few times I realize that was only one part of her amazing talent. She's a awesome artist, does great on camera interviews, is hysterically funny, and is a total sweetheart. It's been so cool getting to know her, and I'm excited to keep watching her shred and see what she does next!  

Who's Rad:  Poppy Starr Clarabelle Olsen (My middle names are after my two Grandmothers)

Age: 13

Home is: Bondi Beach, Australia

How Long Have You Been Skating? Almost 5 years

Favourite place you've ever skated: Bondi, Combi, Mini Mega at WW East

Favourite Trick: Back side air

Sponsors: Perfect Moment, iskate Australia  flo – Vans, TSG, Decent Hardware, Monster Skate park

Three Things You Don't Know About Me:

1. I eat with my fingers a lot and I always forget to brush my hair – drives my Mum crazy

2. I like public/motivational speaking and I run my own business www.poppystarr.com One day want to sponsor girl skaters

3. I draw ALL the time. If I don't have paper I draw on my body. – also drives my mum crazy

What's Next?
Coming up next is EXPOSURE I cant wait!!  Really looking forward to seeing all the girls again. Its going to be so awesome! This month I gave a motivational speech to fellow Women Entrepreneurs at Google Australia, their HQ is sooo coool! I’m featured in Dolly magazine this month (Nov issue). They chose 10 teenage Australian girls who are at the top of their game and featured them in an article ‘Dolly All Stars for 2013’ – some of the girls are amazing and have achieved so much already
On Saturday 26th Oct I have a story airing on Saturday Disney just focusing on my skateboarding
I have just finished filming a trailer for a feature length documentary on the History of Australian skateboarding. I am painting signal boxes for Waverley council at the moment and designing/drawing this years Christmas card range. All the money is saved so I can go to the Girls Combi Classic in Jan 14. I am also writing/illustrating a children's picture book about a young girl skater and hope to get it published

Make sure you follow Poppy on instagram  @poppystarr  AND @poppystarr_art 

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