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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Photo: Joanne Barratt
Photo: Joanne Barratt
Photo: Ken Hada
Photo: Joanne Barratt
Photo: Joanne Barratt
Photo: Joanne Barratt
Photo Borqui
Photo: Joanne Barratt
Photo: Joanne Barratt
 I first heard about Jordyn when she lived in Hawaii. Even back then her name was known in skate circles here in Southern California. I waited eagerly for the day her mom moved them both over to California so Jordyn could start skating new terrain consistently. And guess what? She hasn't just been just "skating it" she has been tearing it up! Bewteen skating & surfing, the girl is a dual threat. I'm looking foreword to seeing what tricks she pulls out for the upcoming Vans Girls Combi Bowl Classic - I for one will be front and center cheering her on.

Name:  Jordyn Barratt

Age:  14 years old.

Home is: I just moved to Encinitas CA from living in Haleiwa, HI my whole life.

How Long Have You Been Skating?   I have been skating for almost 4 years .

Favorite place you've ever skated:  My favorite place that I have ever skated was at the US Open, Tony Hawk's vert ramp, and Bucky Lasek's bowl.

Favorite Trick: I really love to do long grinds.

Sponsors: Pink Helmet Posse, Boardstix, and Vans Shoes

Three Things You Don't Know About Me:

1. I am a vegetarian.

2. My best friend who lives in Hawaii is totally opposite from me and is such a girly girl!

3. My elementary school was called Sunset Elementary School and was right across the street from the world famous Banzai Pipeline in Hawaii and now I am in High School in California and my school is called Sunset High School.

What's Next:

Just a few weeks ago Exposure Contest happened in San Diego! It was a ton of fun! Everyone was skating so well and the contest was great! In mid-December I am going back to Hawaii to visit all of my friends! I can't wait to see them again and go surf every day in warm water! Then in January the Girls combi Bowl Classic is happening! I can't wait for that and I am really looking forward to seeing all the the girls… it is so fun when we all get together for a contest because we really have a lot of fun too! Until then I am going to try to get up to the Combi Bowl as often as I can!

Make sure you follow Jordyn on:  Facebook and on Instagram @jordynbarratt  and on her Blog

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