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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

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I met Sarah a while ago and thought she looked like this sweet, nice girl, who just happened to skateboard... until I saw her attack the bowl. All of a sudden I saw the real Sarah - sweet yes. Nice? Absolutely! But aggressive as hell when skating, totally determined (even through a tough injury) and amazing style for miles. She is one tough competitor and so rad to watch - whether in practice or during the event! 

Name: Sarah Thompson, aka "sarahshreds" 

Age: 16 

Home is: Huntington Beach 

How Long Have You Been Skating? About 4 years now 

Favorite place you've ever skated? The new Oceanside park or Woodward 

Favorite Trick? Backside disaster or Frontside 5-0s 

Sponsors: Silly Girl Skateboards, Indo Board Balance Trainer, Wicked Audio 

Three Things You Don't Know About Me: 

1. I'm really good at math. 
2. Every pair of socks I own have holes in them from knee sliding. 
3. I went to my freshman homecoming on crutches 

What's Next? Well I just got back from New York with the Silly Girl team which was REALLY cool. We did demos and have clinics along with discovering the beauties of Brooklyn. And we actually put forth a lot of fundraising for that trip where I even hosted my very own art show over the summer! The past few months have been crazy with contests. I was in Colorado for the Rocky Mountain Rampage, San Francisco for Chili Bowl, San Jose for Tim Brauch and I competed at U.S. Open's Van Doren Invitational in my home town! Lately I've just been focusing on my schoolwork and training my body to be in better shape, but this upcoming weekend I'm headed to San Diego for Exposure! 

Make sure you follow Sarah on: Instagram @sarahshreds and Twitter @Sarahshreds And "like" sarahshreds on FB!

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