Who's Rad. Tamara Prader.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Photo: Jakub Krovak
Photo: Fuji San
Photo: Oliver Seguin Leduc 

Meet Tamara Prader. Her website is all things rad that involve girls in downhill & she likes to go FAST. What's not to love? The girl is pretty bitchin' - check her out here in the 80mm Kegel Release video from Orangatang Wheels - she's cooking down the 5th highest paved road in the Alps that has 29 180 degree turns to get to the bottom. What??  Watch it!

Who's Rad:   Tamara Prader

Age: 30 

Home: Luzein & Z├╝rich, Switzerland

How Long Have You Been Skating? 3 very passionate ones

Favorite place you've ever skated?  That's a decent, global list of awesomeness! 

Favorite Trick: Trick, eh. I stay on the ground and go down hills. Fast.

Sponsors: Orangatang Wheels. 

Three Things You Don't Know About Me:

1. I can snowboard faster than I skate.

2. I like up hill as well.

3. I have an education and a job next to skateboarding. But I still believe in unicorns and rainbows!

What's Next?

There is a video pending from our Japan trip in spring (check out pics on flickr http://flic.kr/s/aHsjJdC9nq)... the next big excitement for me will be a longer spring trip to a very special place. Until I'll tell you more about that, keep winter away from you & watch our output from this year on http://skategreenerpastures.com/greener-pastures-offshore/!

Make sure you follow Tamara on Instagram @tamaraprader  & check out her website tamaraprader.com

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