Who's Rad? Cami Best.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

First 4 shots by Ethan.  Instagram by  Ishtar Buckland

OMG What's not to love about today's "Who's Rad", Cami Best? Just look at the photos abvove, the girl is having fun in every single picture and making it all look easy - especially the shot of her jumping over the shopping cart - like it's no big deal. Did you also happen to notice that she's rocking purple hightops? KILLER! Style points for miles on the board and off, that's what makes her today's Who's Rad! xx

Who's Rad: Cami Best

Age: Twentysomething

Home: Earth

How Long Have You Been Skating? 15 years give or take

Favorite place you've ever skated? ISRAEL

Favorite Trick: Mannies

Sponsors: Orangatang Wheels, Bustin Boards, Rey Trucks, Longboard Girls Crew, 69 Slam, Triple 8 NYC, Ghostskate, Sneaker Report, Polaroid Action Cams, Rock Star Bearings

Three Things You Don't Know About Me:

1. I have four joints in fingers in both hands
2. I have a bird named Sprite that calls me and my siblings by name
3. My wingspan is 6 feet, but I am only 5'6.

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