Who's Rad? Hailey Villa.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Photo: Matt Gaudio
Photo: Natalie Krishna Das
Photo: Jeff Greenwood
Photo: Matt Gauido

This "Who's Rad" section isn't just about girls who compete - it's also about girls who love this industry, skate for fun, and make a positive difference in our community. That being said, I am happy to introduce Hailey Villa as today's "Who's Rad".

The first time I met Hailey, I knew I'd like her. She was confident, outgoing, and loved women's skateboarding. She does a lot more than just "love it" actually. Besides being a skater herself, she owns Scallyragz Screen Printing which does a ton of silk screening for the skate industry (they even silk screen our GN4LW shirts!), she co-owns the Original Betty Skate Co with her mom (legendary skater, Patti McGee) and is also the team manager. Even with her days (and nights) so full she is always the one you see smiling and having a positive attitude, no matter what else is happening around her. And I secretly love that she can throw down a rad handstand at a moments notice, with perfect form, just like her mom did back in the day!

Hailey is more than just a rider I wanted you to get to know - she is also someone doing a lot for the girls in this industry. Huge props to that!

Name: Hailey Villa

Age: 35

Home: Originally from Cave creek, AZ now living in Anaheim, Ca

Favorite trick: Bert slide

Favorite park: Union Hills skate park, AZ

Sponsors: Co-owner with my mom (Patti Mcgee) of Original Betty Skate Co. We sponsor female skateboarders.

How long have you been skating? Ever since I could walk I was riding my mom’s old Hobie skateboards. In middle school and into high school I skated mostly street, took a break for awhile and finally dropped in for the first time at the age of 32, thanks to by best friend Natalie Das. Now in my mid 30’s loving transition! Woo!

3 things you don't know about me:

1. Before making T-shirts I worked in the radio industry. My on air name was, Hailey DOT Comet.
2. Hip Hop is my guilty pleasure.
3. I love avocados.

What's New? I am the owner/team manager at the Original Betty Skate Co. and Scallyragz Screen Printing Services. I also work very closely with Matt Gaudio at Pink Widow Distribution and Silly Girl Skateboards. One of the most frequently asked questions I get is: What is Pink Widow Distribution? Well, Pink Widow Distribution is the hub for female oriented skateboarding products, apparel and accessories and more. We sell our sell products and deliver services to both retail and wholesale customers within the skateboarding community and beyond. I do the in house screen printing of all the soft goods available at Pink Widow. I take pride in being able to support and mentor the Original Betty skateboard team, which includes: Brenna Pawley, Brittney Conrad, Cheryl Jumao-As, D’orr Greenwood, Megan Black,  Jean Rusen and Brighton Zeuner! Recently, OG Betty team riders have competed at: the OG Jam, King of the Groms, Exposure 2013, Girls Combi Classic and the I.E. contest series. This past October, I was able to be lucky enough to travel to New York with the Silly Girl Skateboard team on the ‘Silly in the City’ team trip! Overall, it’s been a pretty rad-ful year!

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