Girls On Fire.

Monday, January 20, 2014

 Photos: Dan Sparagna

Skaters in order of photos above:
Alana Smith, Beverly Flood, Julz Lynn, Allysha Bergado, Arianna Carmona, Poppy Starr Olsen,

The Vans Girls Combi Pool Classic. What a great contest. All the girls were absolutely shredding. From Japan, Australia, and all over the USA they came to compete, have fun, and skate with other girls just like themselves. Every single age division had an amazing group of girls with bags of trick in a pool so huge that even the tallest girts seemed small in comparison. They hit the hip, tore up the shallow end, used both the round and square pools, and were frigging relentless. They were on fire.

So stoked and proud to be there again this year to see them all having a blast and kicking some ass.

Thanks so much to photographer Dan Sparagna for sending these pics over last night - they really capture what went down and how hard these girls ripped!

More posts from the contest  coming soon - behind the scenes, video footage & more!

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Thanks to Vans for being such a huge supporter of girls in skateboarding! 

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