Who's Rad? Beverly Flood.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Photo: Spencer Hanscom
 Photos by Todd Fuller (except where noted)

We put out a call (OK, it was more like a Facebook & Instagram post, if you want to get technical) for female skaters that should be featured in the 2014  "Who's Rad?" section of the site. Beverly Flood stoked us right away, with photo after photo of her shredding pools right and left. And after reading her contest schedule for 2014 we can't wait to see more from her, starting with the Van's Girls Combi Classic on January 18.  Yeah Beverly!  xx

Who's Rad?  Beverly Flood

Age: 16

Home is: Grass Valley Ca.

How Long Have You Been Skating?  3yrs going on my 4th year.

Favorite place you've ever skated? I love Vans Combi but I would have to say Lake Cunningham Skatepark in San Jose!

Favorite Trick: It Used to be Front side Air but now I love Sweepers and Rock and Rolls!

Sponsors: Flood Kontrol Skateboards, Brokin Bonz Clothing, Chivaz Socks, Goodtimes Boardstore, Spankgrip, Speed Doctor Bearing Co. and Few and Far Women!

Three Things You Don't Know About Me:

1. I love pickles and the juice! Hah
2. I have a shoe fetish
3. I work full time at a 50's Diner and my moms the manger!

What's Next?  Well, I have 4 World Cup Competitions coming up in 2014. January is Girls Combi Classic and I can't wait for that! Then we got Rocky Mountain Rampage, Tim Brauch, and Exposure. Plus I can't forget about Chili Bowl!! 2014 is gonna be a great year for me!

Make sure you follow Beverly on Instagram @bevmoskater @beverlysskatephotos


  1. Beverly rules!! So stoked to have her on the site!!

  2. As a crew mate on Flood Kontrol I can't help but be super stoked for Bev. she is on fire and I expect great things for her in 2014

  3. Beverly rocks -- Thanks Cindy for sharing the "Rad" Bevmo fotos -- she loves to skate!!!!


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