Who's Rad? Bryce Ava Wettstein.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Photos by Wettstein Media

When you meet Bryce for the first time you may not realize that this is the same girl you just saw dropping into a massive pool and throwing down an ever so casual 50/50 grind on coping right in front of you. She's not one to brag, she just goes out there and does her thing. Out of the pool she is like most girls her age, a little shy when she first meets you, laughing & joking with her friends, giving hugs, and always smiling. But once she drops in, watch out. Her determination is evident in every trick she tries (and makes!) and her focus is 100%. But one of the things I think is the coolest about Bryce is that she surfs as well as she skates. Yep, she also has a full list of sponsors for surfing as well. The girl is a double threat and one to keep an eye on. I'm excited to see what she throws down at the Vans Combi contest!

Who's Rad: Bryce Ava Wettstein

Age: 10

Home is: Encinitas, CA

How Long Have You Been Skating? 6 Years

Girls Who Skate that inspire YOU: Julz Lynn, Sarah Thompson, Lizzie Armanto, Poppy Olsen

Favorite place you've ever skated: Etnies Skatepark of Lake Forest Flow

Favorite Trick: Boneless-One, 50-50 Grinds on Pool coping

Sponsors: Silly Girl Skateboards, McGill's Skateshop, Pride Socks, Aura Skateboarding & Training Facility, Hamboards, Encinitas Surfboards

Three Things You Don't Know About Me:

1. I'm addicted to Parmesan cheese.
2. I can't stand skating in pants.
3. I love to sing but never in public!

What's Next?

Vans Girls Combi Pool Classic 2014 - which is super exciting because all the girls come into town and it is the one time of year we are all together for almost a week! I am competing in the Under age 15 Amateur Division. Last year I came in 4th place, so I hope to at least make the Final again this year, but the competition is tough! All the girls, especially the young Ams are progressing so much! Which is great for our sport! I have a Western Surfing Association Tour contest in Huntington Beach at the pier on President's Day weekend. I have a surfing photoshoot coming up during the next clean swell with Sticky Bumps Surf Wax and photog Jason Kenworthy. I just had a fun video drop on Network A channel - they came and filmed in my backyard Iguana Bowl:) Dan Bourqui wants to shoot us Silly Girls during the Combi contest. It is January 18th by the way!

Make sure you follow Bryce on:

@brycewettstein and #thesillylife on Instagram
 @brycewettstein - Twitter.
Website: http://www.brycewettstein.com

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