Who's Rad? Kayla Caballero.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Photo: Steve Caballero
Photo: Michael Martinez

Photo: Megan Gomez
Photo: Steve Caballero

Photo: Faydra Huff
Photo: Megan Gomez
Photo: Zack Constantine

I've been watching Kayla's progression in skateboarding  for a few years now. Her dad Stevie and I used to skate together back in the day and he has always been a huge supporter of us girls so I crossed my fingers that his daughter Kayla would end up loving to skate. She does more than just love it. She RIPS!  It was a pleasure seeing her skate the combi this past week and I have to say that she handled the fall she took and the intense pain like a champ. The girl has guts and is absolutely fearless. Can't wait to see what she does next!  xx

Who's Rad?   Kayla Caballero

Age:   16 years young

Home is:    Campbell, California

How Long Have You Been Skating?    I've been skating since I was around 5 years old, but I really started getting into it around age 11.

Girls Who Skate that inspire YOU: There are two girls who inspire me in skateboarding. They are Katherine Folsom & Julz Lynn.

Favorite place you have ever skated?  My home park, Lake Cunningham Regional Skatepark!

Favorite Trick: a half cab rock n roll

Sponsors:     My sponsors are, TLB brand, Circle A Skate Shop, and Gnarcal girls.

Three Things You Don't Know About Me:

1. I'm very sensitive with skating, it may be the reason I progress very slowly. It takes me awhile to skate a new place and to learn a new trick!

2. I can't pronounce the "R" sound, instead I make a "W" sound. Such as the word "Ramp", I say "Wamp".

3. I'm extremely blind. I wear glasses and most people don't know this about me because I skate without them. I have skated without glasses my entire life until about a couple months ago. I continue to take them off before I skate because i'm used to not being able to see the bowl clearly. With my glasses, I see how HUGE the bowls are and get scared. Therefore, I skate seeing blurs!

Whats Next?

I just did Girls Combi Pool Classic and won 5th place in the 15 and over division. I was actually pretty stoked that I had made finals and got 5th. I injured my back while skating in the finals and totally cried in the hospital because I was so mad at myself and worried that I had stalled the contest for a bit but ended up feeling better that everyone gave me love and support and it meant a lot. Anyways, I'm also going to try and hit all the world cup girls contests this year! I love skating with all the girls and meeting new girls as well. I skate the Tim Brauch memorial contest in San Jose at Lake Cunningham Skate Park every year and its sort of become a for sure thing that I do every year since it's at my home park and it's in my favorite bowl! That's pretty much it! Other than that I'm either at my home park filming silly skate videos with my friends or up in my room painting!

Editors note:  ** See previous post for info on the art show Kayla is in this weekend!!**

Make sure you follow Kayla on Instagram  @thekaylacab

And check out her youtube video page HERE


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