Sochi Starts Tonight!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Pictured above 2014 Olympic Women's snowboard team / halfpipe
Arielle Gold,  Hannah Teter, Kelly Clark, Kaitylyn Farr

I can not wait to see the opening ceremonies tonight - I have been watching the instagram feeds and Facebook posts of some of my athlete friends who are there competing and/or announcing. With every passing day I get more excited for this Olympics to start. And tonight's the night!

So many people & I events  I want to see. Did you know that this will be the 4th Olympics for snowboarder Kelly Clark?  And that the women competing in ski jump will be making history in Sochi? Yep, this is the very first time this event has been part of the games. These girls have fought long and hard to have it included and I can't wait to see them compete.

I may even watch some pairs ice skating after getting to know Davis & White a bit last night from the NBC special on "How to Raise an Olympic Athlete". With his floppy blonde hair he looks just like one of our snowboard guys.

This is the point, getting to know these athletes and learn about them personally keeps interest in the events and their sport. They have worked long & hard to get here so I'd like to know who YOU are excited to see!

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