What Do Girls Really Want?

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Poppy Olsen, Natalie Das, Sierra Kerr showing their skater girl style.

I had a discussion on the set of a photo shoot I was styling the other day and I want to get your feedback on this topic. We were working with a pro male athlete and the crew and I were discussing why there are not more women's specific products in skateboarding - clothes and shoes mainly. We know about Venus & Serenas line of apparel for tennis, but what else is out there that has a female pro athlete creating the line? And are women interested in buying it, if it was available?

The guys seem to think that girls would prefer to buy clothes at mainstream stores like Forever 21, Macy's etc. and will adapt those clothes to skateboarding. They also think that perhaps girls that don't skate are not interested in emulating a skater girl so a women's specific line of skate apparel / shoes wouldn't sell to anyone outside of the core skate group.

I personally tend to think that girls have had to "make do" with what is available to them in the skate market and would love to get their hands on women's specific apparel & shoes but it's just not available, I also think there are a LOT of girls out there who are looking up to the girls who already ride and they do want to emulate them.

Tell us what YOU think!


  1. Yes, I want female specific skate clothes. Particularly tank tops, pants, and shoes that are really sturdy, fit properly, and are good for skating. I've had to "make do" with "skate shoes" that suck for skating and pants that aren't sturdy enough or not good for active wear, for a long time. Also. Men have had their own cool clothes for long enough. Time for something for the ladies.

  2. We absolutely need skate gear! Shoes, loose pants, 5-panels that fit smaller heads!!

    The skate shoes that are designed for women only come in a few styles, usually really funky when I just want some low-key skate shoes. Also, skate shoes that look good enough to wear in a professional/casual environment because I skate to work. It's dope that Leticia Bufoni has shoes with Osiris but they are sold in the men's section.. why?

    It's about time that women are represented in skate shops. I don't mind wearing clothes made for dudes but it would be nice if when I feel like looking cute and girly that those options are there. Women's clothes in mainstream stores are mostly wack.. we can't wait for mainstream culture to catch up. But you do see it happening.. Urban Outfitters advertises with girls holding skateboards, and Lucky mag has a skate feature this month.

    The GN4LW shop is super cute and should expand!! The market is there.

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