Skateboarding is The New Black.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Store display images via Susie Bubble / Board Images via Selfridges

 I'm saying it again - Skateboarding is the New Black... And today my awesome friend Calvy Click from Sneaker Report let me know that the worlds of fashion x skateboarding have not just intersected - they have collided.

I recently made a new tee for the GN4LW line tee with that saying and a few people asked me what does that mean? 

Fashion has done more than embrace skateboarding in the past couple years - designers, editors, models and stylists have decided that skateboarding is now "cool" and that it's a great way to make high fashion even more relevant in a youth obsessed, California culture crazed market. More & more we are seeing high fashion magazines like Vogue, Elle and Bazaar using skateboards in their fashion editorials. The first instance of the "skateboard crossover" was when I saw photos in a fashion magazine of model Erin Wassen cruising back and forth on a mini ramp in her backyard. I have gone on to see Kate Moss sporting a Supreme tee, singer Rhianna wearing Vision Street Wear and now Selfridges in London has launched "Board Games" in their London store and online, which celebrates skateboards & surfing x fashion.

Fifty well known fashion designers have designed limited edition boards for the store - Rick Owens, Stella McCartney, Christian Louboutin, Phillip Lim, and more. All at insane prices. Some are more along the lines of art pieces than they are "skateboards". But visually, they again tie together & reinforce the concept of fashion x skateboarding.

Selfridges has gone as far as opening the HTC ONE skatepark (it's a "pop up" which means it won't be there forever) in the old Selfridges hotel space and it will be open to skate on March 27.  It's free to the public (that's a huge plus) hoping our UK friends can get us some pics of what the finished park looks like and how it is to skate...

In the mean time, check out the various photos via Sussie Bubble and Selfridges of the grand opening, and the boards for sale.

Love it or hate it, the choice is yours.  xx

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