Who's Rad? Pam Diaz.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Photo: Catherine Goico
Photo: Catherine Goico
Photo: Daniel de la Cruz
Photo: Alejandro Zena
Photo: Fernando Regis
Photo: Miguel Folch
Photo: Kahleeq Alfred
Photo: Gabriela Sobrino
Photo: Orlando de la Rosa

I was at the Agenda Trade Show and I kept hearing this girls name again and again as someone I needed to connect with. Turns out it's Pam Diaz. Of course I already knew who she was - if you are into skateboarding at all, it would be impossible not to know of her. But what I also came to find out is that besides being a badass skater girl, she has  a heart of gold and has the sunniest personality for someone who skates as hard as she does. Oh, and did I mention she lives in the beautiful Dominican Republic? Totally envious! I hope you enjoy getting to know Pam.

Who's Rad?    Pam Diaz

Home:    Beautiful Dominican Republic! blessed to live in a place where a lot of people vacation!

How Long Have You Been Skating?   this is my 3rd year on my board! one of the best decisions I've ever made!

Girls Who Skate that inspire YOU?    Lately I've been feeling super inspired and pumped by gnarly girls that shred with no fear like Alicia Fillback, Micaela Wilson, Carmen Sutra ! and all the homegirls that kill it n their board no matter what style is!

Favorite place you've ever skated?   I've been super blessed with the chance of traveling to different places with my skateboard, my top favorite place is California for sure! I fell in love with San Francisco and Laguna Beach.. but definitely Dominican Republic is killing it with the amount of gnarly hills and beautiful spots! a lot more to discover!

Favorite Trick?     fast and big squatters everyydayyy!

Sponsors:   Blessed to have the support of my favorite brands in the market, wich i've been repping since the very beggining :)

Daddies Board Shop
Abec 11 Wheels
Jet Skateboards
Holesom Pucks
Skate Blood Orange
Caliber Trucks
Socco 78

Three Things You Don't Know About Me:

1. I've been a ballet dancer since i was 4, nothing related to extreme sports till i got on a board when I was 19 !
2. I love coffee and i eat a lot of candy! That's probably why I'm always so loud and energetic ! hahaha!
3. I'm going to be a champion!

What's Next?

I just got back home from a 3 weeks trip in Puerto Rico where I attended to 3 events and it was a sweet time, took the first place at the 2014 Guajataka Slide Jam and 4th at the Women's Downhill Race! after a few days I raced the Guama Downhill and took 1st place at the ladies race! Puerto Rico was such a good time next to homies and my Jet/Abec team manager Rory Russell who is the coolest guy, always motivates me to shred harder! Right now I'm back home putting on practice and getting ready for my next adventures this year! Which I know will be a lot and full of success! Just gotta commit, shred and have fun!

I'm also trying to make the Dominican scene grow bigger and I started a little kickass project with my friend Cathy called " Team Girlas " @teamgirlas on Instagram which is dedicated to share and promote the ladies that SHRED all kind of boards in the DR. We have surfers, longboarders, skaters, kiteboarders, snowboarders! All together to spread some caribbean style!

Make sure you follow Pam at:    @pamdiazz on Instagram and on Facebook @pamdiazlgc

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