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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

XS "Freeride" Helmet customized by Absolutely Alice for GN4LW

We were introduced to Absolutely Alice awhile back by our mutual friend Suzanne, and I couldn't believe what rad art they were creating with just a simple Sharpie. So when the opportunity came along to have them do a custom helmet for GN4LW, I knew the "canvas" had to be one of our new favorite Freeride XS Helmets. I think you will agree, the final look is nothing short of amazing!

We also thought you might want to know a bit more about these amazing & talented women behind Absolutely Alice so get ready to be blown away!

Can you reveal who's behind Absolutely Alice? 

Minh Nguyen(The Mad Hatter) & Lauren Liberatore (Alice)

Photo: Eric Hendrix

Please tell us a little about yourselves...

(Minh):  My childhood was not ideal, and my relationship with my mother was far from hugs and kisses, I was rebellious in her eyes and not a child she wanted in her home, so at the age of 15 I was sent to live in a small town in Connecticut with my older sister. It would be in this small town that Lauren and I would meet. I only lived in CT for 6 months before I moved back to CA but somehow 17 years later we are still by each others side. We have seen each other through boyfriends and breakups, marriage, divorce, children, deaths, tears of happiness and joy... We can argue and fight, but no matter how harsh the words, or angry we get at one another, we know that we will always have one another's back, no questions asked!

How did the idea & the name for Absolutely Alice come about? 

The name comes from the original book "Through The Looking Glass" by Lewis Carroll. The story of Alice is one that relates to the both of us. The author wanted to tell the story of a young girl who chose to believe that life was more then what her family, teachers, and society was telling her that it should be, so she followed the rabbit and stumbled down the rabbit hole. It was in wonderland that she met some amazing people and creatures and discovered a world unlike no other she had ever known. Some can argue that it was a dream, but to Alice it was reality... We both followed the path that Alice did, until we discovered that our rabbit hole was held inside a sharpie marker. To many this little pen is a simple writing tool, used a few times and once it runs out of ink, tossed in the trash with not a second thought. But Lauren and I, believe that this pen is something magical, that this pen can open up a world of possibilities, that this pen can turn something as plain as a helmet, skate deck, etc... into the most amazing pieces of art, that is not just beautiful but tells a story, reveals a life, and open up doors to a world never before seen.

Are you girls skaters, surfers, snowboarders?

(Minh): Lauren loves to snowboard and is really good at it, she hasn't been able to snowboard yet here in Cali but next year she will for sure! Itook up the sport of skateboarding at 32 back in September, and fell in love with the sport. I commend the women who can skate those pools because it is not easy! The bruises are no joke but the day that I dropped into a pool for the first time is an amazing feeling!

You draw amazing & intricate pieces only using Sharpies - what led you to using this medium? 

Because art can be held in anything, even something so insignificant as a pen. We want to show the world that what many look at as an everyday sharpie marker can do extraordinary things. We believe that a life is what you create, held within your mind, and brought to life with what is in your heart.

What are peoples reactions when you tell them you are an artist and create with Sharpies? 

They think we are crazy. Sharpie art? What is that? But when we tell them the story and why we chose sharpies, they understand!!

You do some amazing art work on skateboard helmets like the one you are doing for Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word - how did that idea start? 

When we are approached to do a project it takes research and time. With every piece we dive into who that individual or company is trying to say to the world. When you look at one of our helmets, decks, or piece of work, you will be able to get to know the person that it was created for, even if you have never met them.

Customized helmet done for the non-profit,  Poseiden Foundation by Absolutely Alice

 Beyond skateboard helmets can you tell us what other interesting work Absolutely Alice has done? 

One of the coolest pieces we ever did was last year at the Sheckler Foundation Skate For A Cause Event... We built a "sharpie wall" with four pieces of plywood, laid out in various ways with sharpie pens hanging all over the wall. Everyone who came to the event would come up to our booth and scribe a little note or sign their name onto the wall, from pro skaters to patrons, we even had Jason Ellis and his kids scribbled a little note. We gave one of the pieces to the Shecklers and the other three are currently hanging in Minh's house.

Photo: Eric Hendrix
Photo: Eric Hendrix

What is the most difficult item you have ever sharpied on?   Nothing is to difficult when you love what you do!

Do you have a favorite type of sharpie you like to use - thin, thick, etc?    They are all good!!

What about fav colors of Sharpies?  Black

Any downside to drawing with Sharpies?     Shading is rough some times.

I'm hoping Sharpie has approached you and offered you some sort of sponsorship deal? 

We would love to create a line of AA inspired sharpie markers with names like, "teacup blue" "mad hatter green" etc...

Where can people see your amazing work?    On our facebook page, instagram, or when some of our skaters wear their helmets!

Pro skater Julz Lynn with her customized helmet by Absolutely Alice

Any new ideas/products you are launching that you's like to talk about and share?? 

We would love a chance to work with a skate company to create a skate deck geared towards girls. One idea we had was a deck with various types of girls on it, the school girl, the rebel, the nerd, etc... but all of them holding a board, showing that skating can bring girls together from all walks of life!

  If someone wants to commission a custom piece directly from you is that possible?   Absolutely!

 Where can people follow you & see your newest work on social media? 

On our FACEBOOK page and via our Absolutely Alice INSTAGRAM feed!

Many thanks to XS Helmets & Absolutely Alice for collaborating with us here at GN4LW on this amazing project!   xx

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