Girls Night at The HTC ONE Skatepark.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

 via GirlSkateUK instagram

It's happening TONIGHT!

It's only been open  a week or so and they are already having a Cooler Magazine "girls night" at The HTC ONE Skatepark - how rad is that? If you are in London, get your butt over there, skate the hell out of it, and send us some pics!

More info via Cooler Magazine

Have fun and show them how the girls do it.   xx

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  1. The HTC One Skatepark has been made by a team of 11 experts, who took more than 270 hours to make components in a workshop and a further 1,320 hours to build on-site, utilizing 53,000 screw fixings, 731 sheets of plywood and 3,935 meters of 4×2 timber.



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