The Devil's Toy Redux.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Back in 1966 in Montreal a young director named Claude Jutra made one of the very first skateboard films, THE DEVILS TOY.

On April 30 comes THE DEVILS FILM REDUX - the original film will be right alongside 11 new short films by directors from around the world all inspired by the Jutra classic. The site will allow users to navigate from one film to the next & witness the evolution of skate culture across the globe. It will also let you explore the cities, the skaters, the boards they ride and their favorite spots.

This is not about skateparks or competitions - it's about skating anywhere you can, taking it to the streets, the rebels and renegades, craving a session anywhere they can find it, all over the world. 

Check out a sneak peak of the trailer here ----> THE DEVILS TOY REDUX

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