A Penny Nickel For Your Thoughts.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Penny Boards has a new board out and it’s even better than before (if that’s even possible!)! The Penny Nickel is here!

They use a secret plastic injected design to make the boards light weight, long lasting, and most importantly they perform well even if you plan on doing a little slalom, a bit of downhill or just plain old cruising.

The Penny Nickel skateboard is even better than it’s predecessors, “D-Street” and “Stereo”. It has a 27’ inch length, which helps with balance and control, as well as cruising. The official Penny Trucks are designed for making those sharp turns easy and it’s 4 x 39mm wheels are 78A – which are softer and wider than most wheels so they give you some much needed grip when hitting tight corners.

Penny Boards makes a huge selection of boards in many colours – check some of them out below. You can get them at many online skate shops like Skates.co.uk.

The Penny Skateboard has truly been a terrific addition to the skateboard scene and a hallmark design for over 30 years. Check out the official video for Penny Boards here on Youtube and see for yourself.

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