Who's Rad? Marisa Nunez.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Photo: Gador Salis
Photo: Gador Salis
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Marisa is one of those girls who would probably tell you she "just skates" if you were to ask. But the truth is, she skates fast, hard, and is badass. In fact Marisa is featured in the new film by the Longboard Girls Crew OPEN. That pretty much tells you what you need to know. She is the real deal and we are stoked to have her as today's Who's Rad.

Who's Rad?      Maria Isabel Nuñez (Marisa)

Age:      27

Home is?     Portland, OR currently. I was born in Lima, Peru and raised in Miami, FL. Parents are living in Peru. I miss them so much!

How Long Have You Been Skating?     I've owned a board for about 8 years but I've only been really skating and racing for about 5.

Girls who skate that inspire YOU?     When I was first learning I would always look up to Brianne Davis and Katie Neilson. These girls are fast on skateboards and they've been doing it for years. There were never too many video parts of them back then, but I made sure I saw every bit of footage in existence. There were always guys ripping in videos but there's nothing like watching a girl go just as hard as the dudes. Most inspiring as a female.

Favorite place you've ever skated?    That's a tough one. I've traveled quite a bit and have many favorites haha. Maybe I'll just name all the places I've been to skate and race: Canada, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Peru, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Australia, New Zealand, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, and all over the US west coast and New York. I loved them all.

Favorite thing to do when skateboarding?     To go as fast as I possibly can on my skateboard. Pre-drifting tight corners are definitely my favorite thing to do in the whole world.

Sponsors?     Sponsors, homies, and the coolest people in the downhill skateboarding industry are these folks: Daddies Board Shop, Rayne Longboards, Vicious Grip, Aera Trucks, Dave's Hippy Oil, Predator Helmets and last but absolutely not least, XS Helmets. One of the only girl-focused brands out there.

Three Things You Don't Know About Me:

1. I'm one of the most detail-oriented people you'll ever meet.

2. I'm a lot older than I act (and dress).

3. My skate shoes smell like roasted goat cheese. How do you like me know? ;)

What's Next?

Well, I recently raced at the Catalina Island Classic in California and placed 3rd out of 20 women. So amped on that, it was a really technical coarse. Yesterday we were filming ourselves bombing a highway going down the Columbia River Gorge for a Hitcase ad for my shop sponsor and employer, Daddies Board Shop. Soon we'll be shooting some footage for a little Insta-banger with a buddy, and later on this year I might be attending another race in Colorado in which top speed is about 60mph. Stoked for that one!

Make sure you follow Marisa  at  @cocomarii on instagram,  & on her athlete fan page on  Facebook,  and her personal Facebook page


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