Who's Rad? Sabre Norris & Her 540..

Friday, May 23, 2014

Video by Grant Sproule

** We normally only post our Who's Rad? feature on Wednesdays, but we had to make an exception for Sabre because what she did this week is pretty rad & we wanted to share it with you right away.

When we saw this video of  Sabre Norris on Instagram earlier this week we couldn't have been more stoked - there she is at 9 years old landing her first 540 - on a vert ramp. The only thing that's more exciting than watching her land it, is her excitement when she does.

We tracked down Sabre the very next day and asked her a few things about her life, skateboarding, her friends & and how she accomplished this trick at such a young age. Her answers are nothing short of AWESOME.  Especially the one where she tells us WHY she thought she could learn to do a 540.

Love that girls in skateboarding are inspiring each other.  Every single day.

Who's Rad?   Sabre Norris

Age?     9

Home is?     Newcastle, Australia

How Long Have You Been Skating?      3 years

Girls Who Skate that inspire YOU:       Poppy Olsen, Gracie Earl, Lyn-Z

I first meet Poppy and Grace when I went to a big skate park in Sydney called Monster. It takes 2 hours to get to. I was little and I followed them around everywhere. They were so kind to me. Poppy taught me how to pump. I used to call it the Poppy Pop. Gracie taught me how to do 5,0s. Gracie can even blunt to fakie bar beach bowl.You should see the boys faces when she does this. There is this a girl surfer who lives near me she is a professional her name is Phillipa Anderson. She looks after me in the surf. She even lets me have her waves. She is the best girl at doing airs. My little brother biggy says that she is his girlfriend, he is 5 years old, I think she is 20.  She inspires me too.

Favorite place you've ever skated?     Slam Factory - it takes about an hour from my house. We watch the tv in the car on the way.

Favorite Tricks?      540

What made you decide to try a 540 on a vert ramp? 

I saw Lyn-Z Adams do it. She's the first girl to ever do a 540. She even does Nitro Circus. She made me believe that it was possible for a girl to do that trick. Not just a boy.

Can you tell us how you went about learning that trick?  (it’s a hard one!) 

My brother biggy and sisters Sockie and Naz cheered for me. They really believed in me. They even pretended I was famous and we're asking for my autographs. It's was funny. I couldn't of done it with out them.

Sponsors?      I don't have any     (editors note:  YET!)

Three Things You Don't Know About Me:

1. I love to belly dance. I watch Sadi on the internet she is the best belly dancer in the world. I don't know where she's from maybe turkey.I try to dance like her. I can roll my tummy up and down.its my special talent.My grandma bought me this amazing belly dancing costume for my birthday.

2. I love food and I can EAT. When I was 2 years old I ate a whole large pizza from Pizza Hut to myself. I think that's just as big of an achievement as the 540. On my birthdays I always eat too much and vomit. Don't eat lot of food before you skate makes you feel sick.

3. I swim but I HATE it. If I don't do a swimming lesson then I'm not allowed to surf.

What’s Next ?

Lyn-Z has asked me to come meet her at Nitro Circus. We are going tomorrow, I'm so excited. She is giving my entire family tickets and we don't have to pay. We are going to sleep in Sydney and go to a all you can eat restaurant and the wax museum. We might even go to the aquarium but I'm not sure. And my dad's birthday is in a couple of sleeps.

Congrats Sabre!!  We are looking forward to seeing ore of you!

Make sure you follow Sabre on instagram @sabrenorris

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