The Most Epic Day Ever.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Venice gang

The crew at the Girl/Chocolate Factory
The private girls session at Angela's backyard ramp

Every skater dreams of skating epic spots. And having your pick of 3 great ones in 1 day is like winning the lottery. For these young skater girls it was reality.

Check out Zoe Safanda,  Mia Safanda, Relz Murphy, Sierra Kerr, Angela Strong, Bella Kenworthy, Peeta Kenworthy, Ryann Cannon, Minna Stess skating spots most skaters only dream of skating...

Their day started when they hit up the famous Venice Skatepark, where nothing was left untouched. The girls threw airs off the stairs and grinds everywhere they could before they headed out to the Girl/Chocolate Warehouse (yep, private spot - gotta be invited) for a second session. I'm pretty sure the boys at the Girl/Chocolate would have been totally down to skate with this crew of young rippers. From there they headed to Angela Strong's private ramp for an early evening session before the sun set and they had to call it a night.

It looks like they had a pretty epic day!  

We want to thank Jason Kenworthy & the Pink Helmet Posse for letting us give you the first look at this rad session.   xx

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