Who's Rad? Zoe Benedetto.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Spring 2014 from Christine Rader Benedetto on Vimeo.

All photos: Christine Benedetto

We ran across 8 year old Zoe on our instagram feed and were immediately taken with her surf photos, skate photos, and the fact that she is always having fun no matter what she is doing. One thing for sure is that this Florida girl rips!  Billabong Women's has already seen the potential, and later this summer Zoe will be coming to California to do some shooting for both Billabong & Go Pro. Be the first to check out her latest video (above) filmed entirely with a GoPro3 Black.  Congrats Zoe!!

Who's Rad?      Zoe Evelynn Benedetto " Heavy Z"

Age?     8

Home is?       Palm City FL

How Long Have You Been Skating and how long have you been surfing?    Ive been skating for almost a year now.  I've been surfing since I was 4 but paddling in to my own waves since I was 6 so 2 years.

Girls who skate or surf that inspire YOU?    Cheyenne Reese is the girl skater here that inspires me. Surfer girls.... my mom, but also Courtney Conologue, Bethany Hamilton, Tyler Wright.

Favorite place you've ever surfed and/or skated?    My favorite place to skate is Longwood Skate Park in Ft Pierce Fl, But my favorite spot to surf has been Crash Boats in Puerto Rico. Locally though I love to surf Ft. Pierce North Jetty State Park and Sebastain Inlet and Stuart Rocks.

Favorite trick surfing?  I love doing front side Lip Smacks and Back side carves. I just did my first Fins Free During the Easter Surf Fest where I placed 3rd in the 12 and under Girls.

Favorite trick skateboarding?    I just started really skating, but I love carving it up in the Bowl and then bouncing out and grabbing a little air punching out of a pocket.

Surf Sponsors:  Billabong, Sun Bum, GoPro, PomPom, Sonic Surfboards, Surf Central surf Shop

Skate Sponsors:    East Coast Customs... They make the sickest carvers and Cruisers

Three Things You Don't Know About Me:

1. I am a Rainbow Loom Addict...I can make practically anything out of a Rainbow Loom!

2. I love Owls (Freds) Also any animal you may see on the side of a path, road, house is named Fred... no matter what. My Friend/ Big Sista Kara Brown and I call every animal we spot FRED!

3. I love Neon Colors

What's Next?

My last contest I competed in was Easter Surf Fest, where I placed 3rd in 12 and Under Girls. In June I am going on my first trip to California for a couple weeks. While there I will be shooting with Billabong and GoPro, which should be super fun. I was just featured in Salted magazine with all my friends. I think we are going to try and surf Typhoon Lagoon over the summer too! Typhoon Lagoon is the wave pool in Disney and is sooooo much fun!!! I may do a few small skate contests, but I'm not sure I'm good enough just yet. But I'm working on it! Mostly this summer I just want to surf and have fun with my friends!!!!!

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