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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

5 skateboard instagram accounts you should be following & why

1.   Sierra_Prescott : Because everyday is another pic of her skating somewhere in LA with her hair flying, and usually, air under her wheels. The composition of the photos is great and so is she. Sierra has that full on 70's skater girl vibe going on that we love.

2.  Poppystarr_art :  She rules the pools from Australia to California, but did you also know that Poppy is an amazing artist?  She is probably as well known in Australia for her beautiful artwork as she is for her skating - and that is saying a lot! She uses the sales of her art & jewelry to fund her trips to the USA for skate comps. #inspiring

3.  Longboardgirlscrew :  These talented girls led by founder Valeria Kechichian, skate the world and do it with style & grace. The girls featured on their instagram are badass and legit.  Be prepared to be inspired daily!

4.  Youdidnotskatethat :  The name says it all. Shot after shot of photos from magazines, ad campaigns, and girls who just want to be on a fashion blog or Pinterest. These girls probably don't skate, but since "skateboarding is the new black" in the fashion world , we'll play along.  These photos are guaranteed to make you laugh.

5.  Skateistan  :  Did you know that because of Skateistan, Afghanistan has the highest rate of female skaters in the world?  Or that girls in Afghanistan can't ride bikes but they can skateboard?  Watch these girls learn new skills, have fun, and progress on ramps faster than you can even imagine. It will make you warm and fuzzy inside. Promise.

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