Who's Rad? Sonso Masia.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

 photos via Sonso

She's beautiful and FAST. She hasn't met a hill she doesn't like and she much prefers freeriding to racing and competition. Sounds like a true soul skater to us!  Meet Sonso Masia and find out which skater girls inspire her!

Who's Rad?    Sonso Masia

Age: 22

Home is?   Madrid, Spain. I grew up in Avila, a medieval town 1hour away from the capital, in Castilla, the land of Castels.

How Long Have You Been Skating?     3 years and a half, I started on October 2010

What type of skateboarding do you do?  Downhill and freeride (longboarding)

Girls Who Skate that inspire YOU?

 Definitely Marisa Nuñez, Spoky Woky, Alicia Fillback; and some Spanish baddass like Cristina Mandarina, Laura Guancha, Eider Walls, Tana Rohrer, Laura Amoros, Ales Cardenas, Cristina VerdĂș and all the rest of #PrettyGirlsDontSkate crew!

Favorite place you've ever skated? In Norway, at the end of the fiord of lights, Lysebotn. But my favorite race ever was Catalina Island Classic, I was there last year and I had such a good time, that place is beautiful and the road amazing.

Favorite tricks/maneuvers?    Bombing a nice hill and Switch frontside sitdown powerslide.


The amazing people of XS Helmets, Arbor Europe, Daktak Shop and Nikita clothing. Thanks folks!

Three Things You Don't Know About Me?

1. I hate racing and competitions, don’t take me wrong, I love traveling and skate closed roads with hay, that’s why you might see me at some IDF races, but at the moment I have to start pushing at the start line, I prefer to chill and stay safe, don’t want to hurt myself and hurt the other riders on a attempt of wining something that is definitely out of reach.

2. I´m a Daddy's girl, but to get my own money, I work as a hostess on random congress, and as a skiing instructor. The truth is that my parents are my best sponsor.

3. I can’t fold a Camping tent by myself.

What’s Next? 

I just arrived from a freeride at the north-west of Spain, O inferno (the hill to the hell) and It was such a blast to skate again with the Spanish downhill crew. And I am looking forward this summer to stay in Norway and skate some fiords hills, I am taking it easy this year and I won’t be racing, I don’t have money and I need to do my architecture Internship. But in September I will move to Delft in The Netherlands for the fall term and stay with the Sickboard shop family.

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Last Words...

Thanks so much for the opportunity of this interview Cindy, and to everyone out there for reading it. Big hugs to Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word.

Un beso,   Sonso

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