Who's Rad? Zoe Mcdougall.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

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Photo: Jack McDaniel
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We kept seeing pics of this young rad surfer on one of her sponsors instagram page (iheartpompom) and just had to know who she was... Turns out she has a following of her own. Zoe Mcdougall recently took 4th in the open girls division of the NSSA Nationals in Huntington beach and will also be competing in the  Vans US Open Jr. Pro - kind of a huge deal! Besides being an awesome surfer, Zoe is a true professional, she's out there promoting her sponsors, answering emails (from people like us!) and doing all the other stuff that makes a pro career happen for a young surfer. Keep your eye on this talented young shredder!

 Who's rad?    Zoe Mcdougall

Age?    14

Home is?    North shore, Oahu

How Long Have You Been Surfing?     My whole life

What about skateboarding?   It's a rare sight to see me on a skateboard - but cruise I guess

Girls who surf that inspire YOU?    Stephanie Gilmore, Coco Ho, and Tyler Wright are a few of my favorites for Talent and Personalities.

Favorite place you've ever surfed?          Sunset, Vland or Lowers

Favorite Tricks/maneuvers?         Blowtails and tailslides are fun


Clif BarSanuk footwear,  C2O coconut water,  Smith OpticsJonesea wetsuits and POM POM surfwax

Anything else you’d like to tell us about how you got started surfing?

The North Shore is world famous for it’s waves and both my parents are surfers so I didn’t really have a choice.

Three Things You Don't Know About Me...

1. I enjoy playing the Ukulele in my free time

2. I also love free diving and cave diving I do that whenever the waves are flat

3. I have a journal that I write in nearly every day, its a great way to pass time when i’m traveling or bored.

What’s Next ?

I just recently competed in Surfing America Nationals at Lower Trestles and got third in the under 18 division, I also got forth in the open girls division of NSSA Nationals which was at Huntington Beach. My next event is the US Open Jr Pro at Huntington. After that I have the Supergirl QS at Oceanside Pier.

Make sure you follow Zoe at: 

WEBSITE:   http://www.zoesurf.com

INSTAGRAM:   @Zoe_Mcdougall


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