Cry Later.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

True Story. It was love at first sight and we met on instagram - so 2014, I know. There she was on someone's  insta feed - just a pic of one of her rings - but we were in love! So we clicked over to her profile and feed to find  out more,  and next thing we knew we were asking  KT to make us a couple of rings!

"Cry Later " is brilliant (and KT thought of this one) and of course we had to have her make "Do Epic Shit" since it's a main part of the GN4LW motto. We like to wear one on our ring finger on one hand, and the other on our thumb on other hand - they look badass together!

We love it when our jewelry says it all. These 2 rings that our new jewelry artist friend Katie made for us do that easily.

But rest assured, she can make anything you want - she's that good!

Hit her up and design something rad for yourself.  --->  via instagram HERE or drop her an email  --->

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