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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Images via The Seea, Billabong Women's, Roxy, Siren Song and Jeff Berting Photography

It used to be that girls had a choice between ugly black thick, cumbersome wetsuits and.. ugly black thick, cumbersome rubber wetsuits. Later we were introduced to a few wetsuits with bright blue & black color panels (mine was made by Ripcurl and I was so excited that it had color!) which was a huge improvement, but guess what?  We still had to buy wetsuits made for boys or men because very few, if any, manufacturers made them specifically for women.

Glad to say that has all changed - so many great options out there for girls & women now days. In many colors, cuts and styles. All within reach at your local surf shop or by ordering on  line.

Here are some of our favorites pictured above.

The Seea
Billabong Womens
Siren Song

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