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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

This is a new feature we are going to be doing - It's called "Step Up". We will be profiling companies started by, or run by women, that make products for girls/women in the action sports industry. We will also share info on companies who work hard to promote women & girls via their websites, blogs, instagram and advertising.

We think that's pretty important, and want you to know who is out there making the action sports industry better and better for girls like you.

Thanks to companies like POM POM this is happening more and more.

Company?     POM POM

Your name?      Sarah Cameron

 What do you do?       Founder, Co-Owner

How many years has your brand been in existence?     6

Do you skate, surf, snowboard, etc?

I push around on a skateboard, surf and snowboard.

How did you decide to create POM POM and why?

My husband started Magical Go-Go with skate wax and we soon started making snowboard wax as well. One night we were working on the laptops and it dawned on me that Magical Go-Go (unintentionally) was targeting guys. I had grown tired of snow and skate shops excluding products for girls (and the industry excluding girls as a whole) and I wanted to create a brand that put a team of girls at the forefront---and with a product that was stereotypically seen as something girls don't use. I wanted to stir the pot. There's something very core about using wax--be it surf, snow or skate and I wanted to make it a FUN and welcoming experience. If you can offer a core product that appeals to girls (and guys), it gives them more ownership of the sport and can even attract them to check out a sport that they otherwise might not.

What do you think is the most challenging part of running your business?

So many things are challenging…Not enough time in the day and we also have a very limited budget. It’s primarily my husband and myself working together and doing it all. The biggest challenge is getting the core snow/surf and skate shops to carry a brand for girls--which can get very frustrating.

What is the most fun part of running your company?

I love creating new products, coming up with new packaging ideas and seeing all the products lined up together. But hands down, the most fun part is seeing someone stoked on getting a POM POM sticker. It might sound simple, but it means a lot to have such a positive response to a brand.

Does your company have team riders and or ambassadors?

Yes, we are super lucky to have a rad team of riders.

If there is a girl out there that shreds and she wants to ride for your team what’s the best way to go about that?

We get a lot of requests and it’s really hard to turn people away, but we are a small company and have to limit the team so that we are able to focus on the riders we have. That being said, the best way to reach out is to email me direct with a bio, video clips and pics telling us about yourself.

Can you give the girls out there some idea of what’s expected of them when they become an ambassador or team rider for a company like yours?

Our team riders use and wear our products, put POM POM stickers on their boards and helmets, tag us in social media (some create content for our site) and are out there getting active, pushing themselves, and above all, having fun.

Are contest results important to make a good strong team rider or are social media and free riding more important?

Both are important. Some girls love to compete and some girls are out there getting just as rad but not competing. As long as it’s all inspirational and motivational---that’s the main objective for a team rider.

Three Things that you found most important when you started running your business?

1. Don’t be afraid of rejection

2. You have to be passionate about what you’re doing

3. You must be self-motivated

You are inspiring younger girls as well as adult women by running your own business aimed at girls in the action sports industry - can you tell us about some women out there that have or currently do inspire you?

Within the industry, Donna Carpenter has always been someone who inspires me. But on a daily basis, what really inspires me now is seeing all these girls (especially the young ones) on social media who are doing insane things now in action sports. It’s pretty awesome to be inspired by a 6 year old.

What is your mission with POM POM? 

My mission with POM POM has always been to create a brand that inspires girls to get active, push themselves and find fun.

Are you helping a non profit with your product or donating to any charities or events?

We partner with different events (local and national) and other companies each season. Over the years we have worked with Shredbetties, European Rip Curl Girls Tour, Girl Riders Organization, Girls Day Out, Girls Rock the Park, among others.

What do you think all of us can be doing to promote the girls in action sports so they are more visible?

I think social media offers a ton of opportunities to showcase girls in action sports---and it’s free. Grassroots efforts can be very powerful. I think it’s also great for girl focused brands to unite and work together to help push forward the message.

What’s Next for POM POM? 

We are super excited for the launch of POM POM skateboards and longboards coming Spring 2015.

Where can girls find your products?

Ask your local shop to carry POM POM! In the meantime you can always visit our own online shop HERE

Make sure you follow POM POM!


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