Going Pro With Arianna Carmona & Beverly Flood.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Arianna - Photo Ken Hada
Beverly  /  Photo: Bourqui

Girls out there have a lot of questions about what it means to turn pro, so we thought we'd sit down with two skaters who are best friends & turned pro at different points in the past year, to see what it's really like making that big leap forward.

Skaters:     Pro Skaters Beverly Flood / age 17 & Arianna Carmona  / age 15

How long have you been skateboarding?    

Beverly:   I've  been skateboarding for 4 years.

Arianna:  Well I first learned when I started walking so that’s about 14 years, but I’ve been competing for 4 years.

What type of Skateboarding do you do?   

Beverly:  I love skating bowls and vert, it’s the most fun to me and I feel like flying.

Arianna:  I skate vert and bowl

When/where did you turn pro?

Beverly:  I turned Pro at San Jose Skatepark at the 16th Annual Tim Brauch Memorial Contest, on August 9th 2014.

Arianna: I turned pro at the Girl’s Combi Classic on January 18, 2014 at Vans Skatepark.

Arianna proving that pro status was the way to go / Photo Via Flood Kontrol

How long were you competing in the amateur ranks before turning pro?

Beverly: I was competing in the amateur ranks for 2 years then I decided to go Pro after I competed in the Vans US Open in Huntington Beach Ca. August 29th 2014.

Arianna: I was competing in the amateur ranks for 4 years.

You guys are bestfriends so here a couple questions for each of you:  

Beverly – how did it feel when Arianna turned pro and you stayed amateur?

I was super happy for her to turn Pro she’s one of my best friends and an awesome person to skate with. I was also kinda happy that she went pro so that I could maybe get a chance to win hahaha! But anyway I was super happy for her and I was glad I stayed Amateur so that I could take that win at Girls Combi Classic, January 18th 2014.

Beverly takes 1st in the amateur division at Vans Combi / Photo via Flood Kontrol

 Beverly - Did you feel any pressure to move up to pro because of Arianna moving up?

I felt no pressure to move up to pro when she did because I knew I wasn’t ready to compete with the top girls in the world yet. After I got invited to Vans US Open then I thought it should be a good time to go pro and just challenge myself.

Arianna – How was it for you when Beverly turned pro and you were once again competing together in the same event?

I was pretty excited that I was gonna get to skate with my best friend again.

Arianna & Beverly competing together in the pro division at the recent Tim Brauch contest / Photos Todd Fuller

Arianna - Do you think this will allow you more travel opportunities together now that you are both pro?

Yes, because we can see the world together.

What can you tell girls out there what it means to be Pro vs Amateur?
Beverly:  Being an amateur is way less stressful because you don’t have to prove anything and you can just fully have fun, but then when you turn Pro its get stressful sometimes because all your sponsors always want something or videos all the time and you gotta keep up to date with everyone and everything and skating all the time and compete in every contest you can. But don’t let the stress get to you because it’s a ton of fun to be pro and it gives you so many more opportunities.

Arianna: The only differences that I really are that the skating is a bit more advanced, and they get paid for whatever they place.

Arianna Taking 2nd in the pro division at Tim Brauch  / Photo via Flood Kontrol

Do you think there is a “right” age to turn pro?

Beverly: I personally don’t think there is a good age to turn pro because you have girls at the ages of 9-14 that are so good and should be in the pros. Turning pro should be your decision and when you feel ready!

Arianna: Not necessarily, because everyone is different and some progress faster than others.

Once you go pro can you later return to amateur status if you wish?

Beverly:  Once you go pro you can’t go back.

Arianna:  No, because you are already skating at such a higher level that it wouldn’t be fair to the others who are trying to get up there like you.

 What are the things that made you decide to turn pro?

Beverly:  The thing that made me want to go pro was that I wanted to be challenged and see if I could beat some of the girls and see if I could win some prize money. Some of my sponsors encouraged me to go pro but it was mainly my decision and I’m really happy that i made this decision!
Was this something you thought about for awhile before deciding?
I thought about going pro for almost a year, I wanted to fully feel ready and good enough to compete with the top girls. I’m just super stoked to be able to compete with my friends like Julz Lynn, Arianna Carmona, and Sarah Thompson! These three girls help me so much and we just have a great time competing together and hanging out!

Arianna: I decided to turn pro, because I felt I was ready, and I wanted to push myself.

What does it mean when you turn pro in your eyes?

Beverly: To me it means that I can have more opportunities for different things like being in commercials, music videos, and maybe be in some magazines.

Arianna: To me it means to push yourself harder to keep up with the others, but also not be so hard on yourself. To be able to accept the losses and learn from them.

Arianna pushing hard as a pro skater / image via Flood Kontrol

Do you feel that you have even more responsibilities and or pressure once you turn pro?
Beverly: Yes, there is a lot more responsibility when you’re pro, you got to always be up to date with your fans, sponsors, and social media. My sponsors always want photos and videos and want me to compete in as many contests I can; which I don’t mind at all. I love getting photos and videos it hypes me up to do better and when I get a sick picture I always think like I should try this trick to this trick and I end up getting new tricks for photos just cause I want to see how it looks and how comes out. Same goes with videos. Being a role model is something I love! I love when a fan messages me on Instagram saying “you inspire me and I want to be just like you” and then gets so excited that I replied back, it gives me joy and that I want to keep skateboarding.

Arianna: I do feel that I have more responsibilities, because I know that younger kids look up to me and I need to make sure that I set the right example. I do not feel pressured in any way.

Beverly in the recent launch promo for her sponsors XS Helmets x Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word / Photo Ian Logan

Your first comp as a pro – did it feel different than being amateur?

Beverly: Yes, indeed it did feel different because I felt like I had to prove that I should be there in the pros with all the girls. There is more stress in wanting to do good for you’re sponsors and you don’t want to let them down. I always seem to pull through and make everyone happy including myself!

Arianna: It did feel a bit different, because I knew that the competition was going to be tougher and I was going to have to do my best.

Were you more nervous/less nervous?

Beverly: I was so nervous but the way I get over that nervousness, is to just put my headphones in and tune out the world before I’m about to take my run and it seems to always help. I can’t skate without music cause that’s my way of staying calm.

Arianna:  I wasn’t that nervous, because I was having fun.

Arianna competing as a pro in the big leagues - 2014 Vans US Open / Photo Ian Logan

How did other girls react in both amateur level and pro level when you decided to turn pro?

Beverly: The most of them were happy for me and were stoked to know compete with me in the pros. I do think that there is a few girls out there saying I’m not good enough to be pro or shouldn’t be taking that title but if they are saying that it doesn’t bother me it’s my choice and I’m proud of it!

Arianna: They were all very happy for me.

Did your parents have a say and weigh in before making your decision?

Beverly: Though out the the year that I was contemplating on going pro my mom was always there to make sure I was thinking straight and most of the time she said to just wait a little and make sure you feel %100 ready. Then when I told her I wanted to go pro at the Tim Brauch Contest she was all for it and had my back through the whole thing!

Arianna:  Not really, because they supported me no matter what I chose to do.

Do you feel that the coverage you receive on online sites and magazines and video becomes more once you leave your amateur status behind?

Beverly: Yes I do feel that once you go pro you can get more opportunities to be in the magazines and all that stuff. It really is just the pro status because saying that your pro in a magazine will appeal better to the viewers; if you put an amateur in the magazine I think it won’t appeal as much to the viewers because that person isn’t “pro.”

Arianna:  I feel that it does become a bit more.

Beverly in her last contest as an Amateur - the Vans US Open  / Photo via Flood Kontrol

What advice would you give to any girl who is a top ranked amateur thinking about turning pro?

Beverly: I’d just say to do what feels right to her if she not %100 ready to move up then don’t, but if you think you can do it then just got for it! You’ll love being pro its such an honor and a pleasure to be pro with the top females in the world.

Arianna: I think she should just go for it, because she will do well.

How did your sponsors feel about it?

Beverly: All my sponsors were so happy that I decided to move up to pro!

Arianna:  They were very proud of me and happy for me.

What benefits do you look forward to now that you are a pro skateboarder?

Beverly: Getting to travel to all the amazing contests and places their held in, the prize money, and getting to be in some magazines or have photo shoots with companies. I just turned pro so I’m just awaiting all the opportunities to come my way.

Arianna: I look forward to traveling more.

Beverly's sponsors are:  Flood Kontrol Skateboards, XS Helmets, Theeve Trucks, Girl Is not A 4 Letter Word, 187 Killer Pads, Goodtimes Boardstore, LipZipz LipBalm, Mission Belt Co, and Immortal Laces.

Arianna's sponsors are: Identity Boardshop, BrokinBonz Clothing, S-One Helmets, Flood Kontrol Skateboards, Theeve Trucks, 187 Killer Pads, Immortal Laces  /  Flow For:  Bones Wheels, Bones Bearings, Filmbot Grip tape

Anything else you’d like to add?

Beverly: When your a skateboard be sure and have fun! That’s what it’s all about!

Arianna:    Thank you to my family, sponsors, and friends for supporting me!

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