India's First Female Surfer!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

  Photo via DNA India

Check out Ishita Malaviya, India's first female surfer. The obstacles she faces in India are so different than the ones girls here face when they take up an action sport - here's a quote from her about what people were concerned about when she started surfing.

"Oddly the 'dark is beautiful' perspective still hasn't caught on on India with a fear of tanning stopping women from pursuing surfing. Ishita tells us,"A lot of people would say, 'Oh Ishita, you're become so dark... as if that would be a deterrent'.

Read the rest of the article here ---->

Watch "A Rising Tide - The India Surf Story" below  to learn more about surfing in India and Ishita

A Rising Tide- The India Surf Story from The Shaka Surf Club on Vimeo.

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