Who's Rad? Rachel Tominaga.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

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We had the pleasure of meeting Rachel on a photo shoot awhile back,  and the photographer  told us ahead of time that she was a rad surfer. But we found out later that "rad" doesn't even begin to describe Rachel.  This girl has no fear.  She's 17 and was paddling out on last weeks "Big Wednesday" here in California and charging hard. She works every wave from start to finish and does it like it's no big deal. In addition to all her accomplishments, she is humble and sweet - in fact you might not even know she was a hard core surfer unless you asked her.  So if you see her around the South Bay, make sure you tell her "hi" and ask her how "Big Wednesday" was - because she was one of the few girls to go out there and rule it.  You are #badass Rachel!

 Who's Rad?   Rachel Tominaga

Age?      17

Home is?       Manhattan Beach, California

How long have you been surfing?       6 years

What got you into surfing?

My family moved to Manhattan Beach from Arizona when I was younger, and living by the beach and seeing the ocean every day made me want to try it.

What do you enjoy most about surfing?

 I think the best part about surfing is getting to be in the ocean all the time. It’s so calming.

Do you enjoy competing in contests, or is free riding your thing?

I’m not a super competitive person by nature, but I definitely enjoy contests because of the opportunities that you get from surfing in them. They push your surfing because you see and compete against people who are better. Another great thing that comes from contest surfing is you meet girls from other areas who surf. Also, getting to surf the best breaks in California like Steamer Lane or Lowers with three other girls out is something that a lot of people don’t get to do.

Girls that Surf that inspire YOU?

My all time favorite is Steph Gilmore. I think the way she reads the waves is perfect, she never forces it, and she has such great style. She keeps her surfing feminine, which I think is really cool.

Favorite place you have ever surfed?

It’s really hard to decide! For me, my favorite place that I’ve ever surfed isn’t really about the waves, it’s more about the surroundings. So, I’d have to say this little right on the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica called Pan Dulce. It’s a point break that goes into a little bay, but when you look towards the shore all you see is the rain forest. That whole area in Costa Rica is amazing because it’s so secluded.

Any memorable contests?

I remember a couple of years ago there was a contest at Seaside Reef and it was pouring rain. We paddled out right when the sun went down, and it kept getting darker and darker throughout the heat. We were all freaking out. When we finally came in they told us they were going to re-run the heat another day because they couldn’t see the jersey colors, so we went through the whole heat for nothing! It was sad and hilarious at the same time.

Favorite trick or maneuver?

I really like doing carves. That probably sounds boring, but in Manhattan Beach it seems like all I ever get to do is close out turns. So it always feels good to get on an open faced wave and do rail turns.


International Surf Services   (best coach ever!)
Spyder Surf
Odina Surf
Byrne Surf   (awesome boards!)

We know you took full advantage of the hurricane surf that hit Southern California this past week – can you tell us where you surfed and what that was like?

 Ha ha! That swell was great! California had been so wave deprived. On Wednesday I surfed Lowers, which was pretty fun because it wasn’t as crowded as it normally is, and there were TONS of waves coming through. I’m comfortable in the water, so when there’s swell I always have fun. I don’t mind getting tossed around a little bit, and I definitely spent most of my session that day duck diving the set waves. Surfing bigger waves is fun because of all the speed you get. It was exciting to be in the ocean when there was so much energy and water moving.

Three things you don't know about me...

1. I have a shopping problem… it’s bad.
2. I really like to eat out. My favorite restaurant is Mastro’s. :)))
3. I have a dog named Molly and she pretty much comes everywhere with us.

What’s Next?

The contest season and the school year are coming up next. Hopefully we’ll get El Nino so there will be more waves! I’m extra excited because it’s my last year of High School and then I’m off to college, most likely somewhere far from home!

Make sure you follow Rachel on Instagram at  Rachel_Tominaga

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