Samarria Brevard on BET - Opening Doors For Female Skaters.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Check out this awesome article today on BET on pro skater Samarria Brevard who just won the Kimberly Diamond Cup. Samarria discusses competing against the guys,  what it was like winning the KDC in South Africa, and how female skaters who want to go pro can achieve that.

Here are a couple of questions & quotes from the article - but jump over HERE and read the entire thing - it's pretty awesome! What does it mean for you not only to be the first African-American to podium at the Kimberly Diamond Cup, but to win as well?

Samarria Brevard: Winning the Kimberley Diamond Cup for me was definitely a confidence booster, as well as a door opener. It means that I can keep skating with the best of them in women's skateboarding and be a part of the progression for women's skateboarding.

What’s your advice to young female skaters who want to go pro?
My advice to any female trying to get in to professional skateboarding would be to put in work. You should be skating every day and putting out proof of your skating ability with pictures and videos to show the world how awesome you are.

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