Scary Skater Girls.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Bella from The Pink Helmet Posse at the Etnies Hallows Eve Bash

Sarah Thompson ruling the pool as "Cholita" at the Etnies Hallows Eve Bash  Photo: by Radballs
Julie Westfall as beautiful as she is rad - Photo by Radballs
Julz going all punk rock (in combat boots!) at the Iguana Bowl
Matt & Julz - Punk Rock Forever
Bryce Wettstein makes a great cat woman!

We love seeing these rad pics of The Pink Helmet Posse and The Silly Girl Skate Team dressed up for Halloween events at the Iguana Bowl as well as the Etnies Hallows Eve Bash. Their costumes are great! Julz was even ripping in combat boots.

Happy Halloween!

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