Who's Rad? Ava McGowan.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

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It looks like Florida is raising some pretty rad little female surfers lately. We heard about mini shredder Ava McGowan from GN4LW team rider Zoe Benedetto - turns out they are best friends, surf together and push each other to be the best they can be. Ava has been surfing for 4 of her young nine years and loves to compete & does a bit of surfer girl style modeling when she's not in the water. We think we will be seeing a lot more on this young ripper in the years to come!  Read on to see who she looks up to in both surf & skate and what's next for Ava!

Who's Rad?       Ava McGowan

Age?    9

Home is?     Deerfield Beach, Florida

How long have you been surfing?     I've been surfing for 4 years

How long have you been skateboarding?   I've been skateboarding for 2 years now

What got you into these 2 sports?

Well my brother was competing in ESA/Nssa and a Grom surf series here on the East Coast and I just one day decided I wanted to do it too, it looked fun, and I wanted to be a part of what was happening, mostly I really wanted the trophies, lol Now I really want to just do well, and keep having fun!

Skateboarding is something I started doing to help me with my surfing! It is also a great way to surf when the waves are flat!!!

What do you enjoy most about both surfing and skateboarding?

I really love the way both make me feel! They are progressive sports/activities that make you want to keep trying to do something new, and when you get something new down it is so exciting! For surfing, each wave is a new opportunity, it is different from the last! Plus I get to surf and skate with awesome people!

Do you enjoy competing in contests or do you prefer free riding?

I love competing in Surfing, It makes me a better surfer, I learn something new each time! I have only competed in one Skateboarding Contest and it was a bowl contest and I actually won, that was crazy, I didn't think I would, but I am not really looking to do that right now!!!

Girls Who Skate that inspire YOU?     Alana Smith

Girls who Surf that inspire YOU?

Lakey Peterson, Carissa Moore, and Tia Blanco, she is a goofy footer and I love to watch her surf and learn!

Favorite place you've ever skated?     Ramp 48 and NSB Skatepark

Favorite place you have ever surfed?

I love Hermosa in Costa Rica and of coarse Puerto Rico there is this place called Bridges and I had the best couple of days surfing there with my dad and brother!

Favorite Trick or Maneuver - skateboarding?

Tail slide, but most of all I am a bowl skater, because I feel like I am surfing!

Favorite Trick or Maneuver - surfing?

I love to do a roundhouse cutback

Sponsors:   Roxy flow, Dakine flow, Bird Surfboards, Island water sports in Deerfield Beach and Billy Lush Brand

Three Things You Don't Know About Me:

1. I'll put Terryaki sauce on just about anything
2. I always sing super loud in the shower
3. I'm addicted to Coca Cola Slurpee's from 7 eleven

What's Next?

Well the new season has started, and I'm surfing in Nssa and Esa and am just trying to surf as much as I can, learn as much as I can and have fun! I am only 9, so I have a lot of time to compete! I do however want to be consistent, and make it through my heats and have good results! Like I said, I love competing, so I am very competitive!!

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