Exposure 2014 Bowl Contest.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Julz Lynn
Allysha Bergado
Hannah Chumley
Pauline Branom
Jordyn Barratt
Minna Stess
Poppy Starr Olsen
Bryce Wettstein
Spencer Breaux
Brighton Zeuner
Sarah Thompson
Arianna Carmona
Beverly Flood
Amelia Brodka
Hunter Long
Lizzie Armanto
Nora Vasconcellos

 All Photos: Ian Logan Photography

* GN4LW is a "not for profit website" -  so we please ask you to respect all the photographers who donate their photos for us to post by crediting back to them anywhere you may repost a photo of yourself. These people are all professional photographers who make their living by doing this - please give them the credit they deserve for donating their time & energy here - thank you!

Wow!  Exposure Skate 2014 was absolutely amazing - so many girls of all ages came out to compete and have fun. The level of skating was off the charts too, with every division of girls pushing hard.

Here's a few photos from the bowl event & we will be posting more in the days ahead so stay tuned.

We want to thank Amelia Brodka and all the amazing volunteers for all the work they do in putting on this contest - it really is the BEST!


Pro Division

1st Lizzie Armanto
2nd Julz Lynn
3rd Allysha Bergado

15 and over

1st Jordyn Barratt
2nd Hannah Chumley
3rd Pauline Branom

14 and under

1st Poppy Olsen
2nd Brighton Zeuner
3rd Spencer Breaux

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