Today on CBS - Skater Girls in Afghanistan.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

CBS Trailer

The piece below was written by pro skateboarder Holly Lyons who is part of this amazing CBS special, speaking about girls skating in Afghanistan.

Skateistan in Afghanistan.

TODAY, Sunday, November 16 at 12 NOON PST and 3 PM EST please check out CBS "Courage in Sports".  

*Please check your area to see what time it plays as we are getting conflicting info depending on what cable service you have - thanks!

It's so incredible to think that more girls skate in Afghanistan than anywhere else in the world! Skateistan founder Oliver Percovich has made such a massive difference for these girls in Afghanistan and I'm confident he will continue to impact so many other countries around the world.

In so many countries girls still are not allowed to participate in most sports activities or get educated. This movement alone can really change the way that adults see their children, and how people see females and what's possible in their lives.

Skateboarding is such a unique way for people to express themselves. Skateboarding is a feeling that nobody can give you and nobody can take away from you. It's free and it's for everyone! No matter who you are, what you look like or where you came from, anyone and everyone can feel the feeling that skateboarding gives!!   FREEDOM

I'm very grateful to have of been asked to speak about Skateistan on CBS along with Tony Hawk and the founder. Please check it out!!

Whether we are girls or boys, women or men, we are all people and all have the right to live a full life, feel alive, have fun and fully express ourselves. Skate 4 Life!!!

Here's the website to learn more! ----> SKATEISTAN

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