Want To Skate The Berrics? Here's How.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

It doesn't happen often during the year but thanks to Poseiden Foundation, it's happening on December 20 so mark your calendars. Yep, you get to skate The Berrics at an all girls session. Happy Holidays from the rad crew at Poseiden!

What:   The 6th Annual Laadies Day at The Berrics

When?   December 20 from 12-5 PM

Why?   Because what could be cooler than an all girls skate session at The Berrics? NOTHING.

How to be invited?   RSVP to monique@poseiden.org  by 12/15 and you'll get the address 

You MUST RSVP as there will be a list and if your name isn't on it you'll be hanging outside wishing you had.

How much does it cost?  A canned food item - yep, a small holiday donation to help others who are less fortunate - so in the spirit of giving, if you can bring more than one canned food item, please do.

We will say it AGAIN - make sure you RSVP or else you will not be on the list. 

Have a blast and we will see you there!

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