OPEN - LBG Skates Israel - Surprise Peek!

Friday, January 23, 2015

OPEN - lgc skates Israel - short video from Longboard Girls Crew on Vimeo.

OPEN - The Longboard Girls Crew skates Israel movie , isn't out just yet BUT they just released a 15 minute video with extracts from the full movie to tide you over and they graciously allowed us to share it with you here!

In case you haven't seen some of our other posts where we drool in anticipation over this movie, here's what it's about - It's pretty bitchin' on so many levels!

OPEN is the name and concept of the new Longboard Girls Crew (LGC) film directed by Daniel Etura. The movie features a diverse group of female longboarders hailing from 11 different countries who get together in one of the most talked about places on Earth.

This skate journey screams womanhood while is also an eye-opener experience through which the riders challenge their skills, explore a new culture, meet its people and bring some joy to a place that hasn’t seen much of it lately.

LGC works together with the Association ‘Longboarding For Peace’ who gathers Muslim, Jew, Arab & Catholic kids to teach them an invaluable lesson: skateboarding doesn’t know about gender, religion or politics.

Make sure to follow Longboard Girls Crew on and their official social media channels for worldwide premiere dates and updates on OPEN.

HUGE congrats to all these amazing girls who made this movie happen - it was a huge undertaking and it looks amazing!!

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