Sierra Kerr - Pushing Boundaries.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

 Photo: Joanne Barratt

Great article on 7 year old skateboarder Sierra Kerr and her pro surfer dad, Josh, in this months San Diego Magazine. We absolutely love Sierra and follow her adventures in surfing and skateboarding on her (parent run) instagram page - she is always smiling, innovative, and blasting massive airs - what's not to love?

We are going to share a great paragraph from the article here because it says a lot about how Sierra is helping to break down barriers in skateboarding - which we LOVE!

"Just like her father, Sierra motivates people of all ages to push the boundaries of extreme sports, regardless of gender. At the age of six, she started to gain popularity, romping around skate parks and impressing all with her princess-like ensembles and mature maneuvers. This quickly encouraged other girls to embrace their innate femininity, and, more importantly, to disregard naysayers who say girls can’t skate. In a male-saturated sport, Sierra began to influence young ladies everywhere—a goal she still focuses on, even at such a young age."      Written by Ashtyn Douglas

See the rest of the article about Sierra HERE

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